Beach Pix | Grantville VIC |2019-10-30

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Beach Pix | Grantville VIC |2019-10-30

So it was nearly the end of the working day, I’m in north Melbourne, and Melissa sends me a message to see when I will be home – everyone wants to go to the beach.

We decided that by the time everyone was home, we realistically had a couple of hours daylight left, so we would venture to somewhere more local

Fish & Chips (or Corn Jacks, Dimsims, Potato Cakes, Chips, and Burgers more to the point) for dinner down on the sandy part of Grantville about a 80m walk from the jetty.

As the sun was setting, I got out the trust old Canon 400D with the stock 18-55mm 3.5 kit lense and took these bangers below.


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